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We hope to provide you with information that will be helpful to you, in building and maintaining the value of your new home. Many homeowners decide on a new built home for the peace of mind they get by having their home built to their exact needs, specifications and expectations. They also have the added assurance of a full year's warranty that if a defect is identified they can notify their builder of the problem and it will be rectified for them. This is a very important part of the written contract that takes place on a new home purchase. A new home purchase is often the Largest Investment an individual will ever make in their lifetime, and as such should be approached with the same diligence, research, care and expertise as any Wall Street investment. This should mean having experts behind you. We work for your team. From the time your builder shoots your lot, until your final walk through, many individuals take part in every facet of your home's completion. The home building process will include many people working to complete your project, such as builder crews, sub contractors, supervisors, specialists and individuals with varying amounts of training and experience. Hundreds of steps have been undertaken to provide construction, installations, oversight, materials and labor on your new home.
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Problems in New Homes generally fall into three categories. Your Encompass New Home Inspection will specifically focus on identifying any/all repair issues, corrections, defects and all deficiencies which will be categorized for your builder by: CONSTRUCTION DEFICIENCIES MATERIAL DEFICIENCIES SUPERVISORY DEFICIENCIES
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During the building of your home, regional building will inspect during various parts of the building process. The inspection time for each of the sign off procedures is approximately 5-10 minutes per property because of the number of builders and homes being built. By having an Encompass New Home Warranty Certified Inspector working directly for you, you receive a detailed inspection designed to identify areas of corrections or defects that can sometimes not be readily picked up by home owners or during a cursory overview. An Encompass Home Inspection averages 2-3 hours to perform its thorough and detailed inspection of the interior and exterior construction, systems, installations and materials in your new home. This will be your last opportunity to notify your builder of any/all defects, repairs or corrections that will be their responsibility to fix. As Code Certified Colorado Home Inspectors, we provide a thorough comprehensive inspection of both your Interior and Exterior Construction as well as Grading, Cement Work, Foundation, Roofing, all Home Systems, Basement, Garage and materials used in the construction of your home. Our New Home Warranty Inspection details over 670+ points and takes 2 to 3 hours to complete. At the time your inspection is completed, you will receive two copies of the written repair list. One for you and one for your builder. As the homeowner, one of the most valuable components of our New Home Warranty Inspection will be your concluding consultation. Your inspector will sit down and go over each item on your final repair list and make recommendations as to what your builder should do to correct them properly. This consultation is very valuable in giving you the knowledge to work effectively with your builder's warranty personnel to correctly complete all repair items that will insure your peace of mind for many years to come. “Most reputable builders are willing to correct any defects that you find and present to them. Rarely is seen a builder who finds it incumbent on themselves to point out and correct defects or potential problems to the homeowner. This is why it is so important to be prepared “before” you meet with your builder for the final one year walk thru. The warranty personnel will be expecting you to furnish the knowledge and expertise on what is still needed.” We Don't Miss A Thing! You've already paid for Warranty work in the overall price of your home. Don't leave your money on the table. If items aren't turned in, the cost eventually is yours