Customer Comments

“When I showed my builder the problem you pointed out with the placement of those two furnace vents side by side next to each other, he agreed to correct that dangerous defect. I never would have noticed this or recognized that the exhaust from the furnace was getting sucked directly into that intake pipe. Really good catch. Thanks so much for your rigorous inspection.” “When you pointed out that our front door frame wasn't plumb, that it was 1/2” on one side and 3/8” on the other, it seemed to me to be a small thing, yet it finally explained the constant air we had coming in. Our builder has come out and tried to adjust it. It would never seal properly and finally they had to put in a new door and new door frame. Thanks” When I asked my builder told me that a handrail wasn't needed on my back steps from my patio door. I had slipped and started to fall but I was able to catch myself. When you noted in your report that the 2012 code required a hand rail for more than one step my builder still was resistant telling me that he was using the 2009 code. My house was built in 2013 and I told him I would take legal action if he didn't put in a handrail. Thanks to you its now sturdy and no more problems with the steps.” “ We never noticed the prism you found in the corner of our front window. There were so many things you found we were unaware of. The defective window alone would have cost us 4 times the cost of our inspection to replace, when the damage started to show up. Our builder came and examined the window and agreed to replace it without argument. We were uncertain whether we needed an inspection because everything looked “OK” to us. We decided it was more important to be safe than sorry and so we decided to call your company. We have really benefited from your knowledge and service.” “I recently had an inspection done on my new home. The inspector found only 3 items to fix. You found 34 at my neighbors house. Could you come and do an inspection at my home? I can see after looking over my neighbors report that there were a lot of things that weren't checked out on mine.” “Thanks for your help in getting our builder to redo our property grade. Despite the fact that his unwillingness to do anything about our drainage problems landed us in court together. I am happy to report that your expert witness testimony was one of the most important factors in finally getting a successful resolution to this problem. Thanks.” “When I broke my foot I thought it was just due to my carelessness. I never imaged that the step was installed incorrectly and was a trip hazard until you pointed out the problem to me at the inspection. Thank you for helping me get that corrected.” ”My sons bedroom was always cold in winter and hot during the summer. Your test revealing where insulation was missing, helped us get the problem resolved and finally comfortable results. Thanks.” “ We had a breakthrough yesterday, the warranty supervisor Albert actually took the time to see each item and used a longer level as you had suggested to check the problems. They have now fixed the majority of issues and are beginning work on the others they had previously denied. It was a lot better than talking to them before, when they were saying, “No” or “It doesn't look warped” or “My boss won't fix it”. Thank you Walter for your help! I let them know you were code certified and used to do much of what they're doing now. It seemed that upon those words-their attitude shifted a lot. My husband and I are grateful for the help you have given us.” “I wasn't even aware there was supposed to be a vent under my sink. Thanks for catching that. After you explained “Not having one is a building code violation.” and that these issues most times aren't discovered until a home sale inspection, I was grateful you caught that. Being in the military I will probably be moving to a new location and selling my home a few years down the line. A code violation would have created a problem and expense for me when it came time to sell.“ Thanks.” “Walter, we turned in your report to our builder outlining the 31 problems you identified. We were especially concerned with the soil voids that were causing the erosion and concrete falls you pointed out we were experiencing. Thanks to your inspection and our consultation, when we met with our builder he offered us several remedies ,to fix the problem. We were able to choose the most successful recommendation you had advised us to seek. The other offerings could have been a “Band-Aid for a broken arm” solution. Feel free to use us as a reference, whenever you need. Thanks for a Great Job.” “ We had our builder finish our basement, but finding out that he had not run the drain from the water heater to the floor drain was something we completely missed*. Thanks for catching that. It could have caused a lot of water damage.” “I don't know very much about anything electrical and I was grateful that you pointed out the two white wires that were touching the heating runs in the basement it was scary.The electrician came right away and separated the two, Thanks.”
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